“Counterpunch” Receives News Attention

“Counterpunch” and MOPD received favorable newspaper attention this week.

Doug Clifton, retired executive editor of the Miami Herald,wrote about Parkinson’s in the South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel (below).

Clifton’s op-ed carries extra authority beyond his journalism credentials. He served as a combat officer in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. He was diagnosed with PD in 2013.




Cutting Through PD Pap

Meet Kirk Hall, my great Denver friend and  maker of “Good Trouble” on behalf of fellow Parkinson’s fighters.

Kirk is a bear of a man. That, and his rumbling voice, command attention.  He’s usually the smartest guy in the room, and people know it. I do.

Kirk was and is a marketer. His product now is a cause: better lives for fellow Parkinson’ sufferers. He blogs and writes books about PD, his best known being “Window of Opportunity.”

We met electronically in 2015. Each of us was urging the Parkinson’s Foundation to make palliative care that year’s topic of concern. PF did.

Kirk writes about the end of our journeys with Parkinson’s. He cuts through the feel-good pap about “something else will kill you first, not PD.”

Read his words More time 1 and More Time 2.

I, for, one will never forget them.


it: http://www.shakypawsgrampa.com/index.php/new-blog/entry/more-time-1and http://www.shakypawsgrampa.com/index.php/new-blog/entry/more-time-ii