Turbocharging Parkinson’s Exercise Programs

My MOPD Foundation cut new ground this week in its Parkinson’s advocacy work. It is stepping up to fill the void of PD exercise programs in Middle Georgia.  

Atrium-Navicent Health System holds the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) franchise in Middle Georgia. It recently suspended classes indefinitely with little promise of resumption. Our new PD Fit program is separate from RSB.

We have 15-20 energized Parkies who were regulars in the defunct program. They are eager to find comparable exercise regimens.

Our venue is the spectacular fitness center at Middle Georgia State University. It provides much of the equipment required for a PD program.

What equipment it lacks can be readily added at nominal cost. The university has offered use of the center at an affordable rate. A veteran physical therapist with deep background in Parkinson’s work is our lead instructor.

Our initiative engages Ol’ Doc Parkinson in hand-to-hand combat. It captures my meaning when I say PD advocates must operate at ground level, often referred to as local-local. Cloud-level engagement programs no longer cut it for an increasing number in the Parkinson’s community.