Teeny Tiny Handwriting Be Gone

Fellow Parkinson’s Fighters,
My most puzzling PD symptom before diagnosis was a leathery feeling in my hands.
Imagine wearing thick work gloves to a restaurant. My “gloves” made it difficult to cut food, sign the check, handle my car keys.
My hand writing was illegible. Buttoning just a memory.
That was my life until mid-August. It isn’t now.
Untouched in my computer had been an article about hand exercises for Parkinson’s sufferers. I opened it and tried the exercises.
Wallah! Bingo!
In two weeks the work gloves were traded for the the feel of a fine pair of cabretta leather golf gloves.
Handwriting is again legible. I’m cutting my food and fumbling less handling small items of daly life.
I’m not yet buttoning very well. Perhaps that recovery is next.
I can only surmise what is happening physiologically to explain the incredible results.
Not enough time has passed to make this a neurogenesis event. Perhaps he answer is enhanced blood flow in my hands.
Here’s the URL for the article:

$10,000 Grant to Distribute 2,000 copies of “Counterpunch”

My MOPD Foundation has received a $10,000 grant from the Peyton Anderson Foundation of Macon.

The funds are for purchase and eventual distribution of 2,000 copies of “Counterpunch” to 360 frontline physicians around the state allied with Mercer Medical School. Each physician will receive five books to form a lending library for patients.

I believe this project is a first in the country. I salute Mercer Med for its leadership under Dean Jean Sumner, a noted rural health activist.

Distribution will begin to physicians in Macon-Bibb with a Sept.1 target date. After evaluation and process validation, we will complete distribution to remaining Georgia offices in person or by mail.

This is a great win for Parkinson’s sufferers today and to come. Parkinson’s people rarely receive information about their condition at diagnosis and are abandoned to the wiles of the internet and worse. I believe “Counterpunch” provides the information needed to take action against this mystifying malady, The Rodney Dangerfield of diseases.