About the editor

GilGil Thelen (formal name Gilbert Carl Thelen, Jr.) is a retired newspaper editor/publisher and former college professor. He lives in Macon GA. He is President of the Me Over PD Foundation. Gil was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014 at age 75.

Gil, a Chicago native, grew up in Milwaukee. He is a graduate of Duke University. He reported in Washington for 12 years before beginning his editing career at The Charlotte Observer.

Gil was chief editor at the Sun News in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and at The State in Columbia, S.C. He moved to Tampa in 1998 to become Executive Editor of the Tribune and retired as president and publisher in 2006. He subsequently was Clendinen Professor of Critical Writing at the University of South Florida until retirement in 2013.

Gil is married to the former Cynthia Struby and has four children and two grandchildren. He is a Rotarian and member of Highlands Hill Baptist Church in Macon, a “MethoBaptist” hideout for the spiritually adventurous.


9 thoughts on “About the editor”

  1. Hi Gil,
    I’m the Chairman of the NPF Moving Day Tampa Bay 2016 and I’d like to talk with you more about your journey and your blog. Can you please send me an email so that we may connect. Thanks, Tara


  2. Gil, I would like to get in touch with you about a Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease class I am offering in Tarpon Springs, hoping you could help me spread the word. (You know me from Rock Steady at Bodyssey.) Can you send me your email, and I can send you the details. Thanks, Susan Rose


  3. Gil,
    I was pleased to see my quote in your Florida Hall of Fame recognition. Wishing you the best with that Parkinson’s thing. I am working on my 18th book now, a profile of the founder of the UNC Cancer Center.
    Marion A. Ellis


  4. High Gil this is Donna Moore I’m 65 years old and have recently been told that I have Parkinson’s disease here in California I’m having a hard time finding a neurologist that will take my medical insurance and I’d like to have a plan and know what I can do to help myself with this disease I would appreciate if you could direct me I got your name from Karen Spivey in Florida thank you


  5. Just finished your book, Counterpunch: Duking it out with Parkinson’s and found it inspirational and full of hope. My husband is 54 and diagnosed with PD 8 years ago. He works out with a personal trainer 2x a week and we are fighting each day to stay positive and continue to count our blessings. I have a bookshelf full of PD material and have found your book to be an easy ready packed with great information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of your journey thus far. We live in the Land O Lakes area and have Dr. Hauser as our neurologist. Thank you and good luck to both of you .


    1. Thank you for your kind words and support. They mean much to Struby and me.
      A favor: consider putting your fine words into a customer review on Amazon. Go to “Counterpunch: Duking It Out With Parkinson’s,” scroll to reviews and add yours. Many thanks, Gil gthelen1@icloud.com….813-787-3886
      Call or write anytime


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