Covid-19 has upended normal life, Parkinson’s people no exception. Our New Normal is connection, fellowship and camaraderie using digital tools and venues.

Our new public square is Parkinson’s Pro-Activities (PPA, for short), emailed to you each morning.

PPA offers several quick bites of ways to exercise, stay in touch, laugh and explore and learn new things in these days of social isolation. Daily offerings are themed this way: Social Sunday, Movement Monday, Traveling Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Fantastic Friday and Scientific Saturday.  Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach Linda Lawler will curate the exercise/Movement Mondays.

Struby Thelen and Mark Lawler are its editors. PPA is the creation of the Me Over PD Foundation (MOPD).

It will close its doors when social restrictions are lifted, and we resume normal interactions.

To subscribe, click HERE.  In the email include your name, city, and email address.