About this site

This site is primarily for People with Parkinson’s disease (PWP)  and their caregivers in the Tampa Bay Area. It will have news of upcoming educational events of interest, fundraisers, profiles of action figures and action organizations. There will be news about researchers and their research and opportunities to participate in local, national and online research.

Support groups are moving and transient targets, so the site will attempt to include information on where they are and when they meet. The site and posts will direct readers to interesting and informative items about the latest, informed thinking about PD from a variety of sources. An archival section will have items that shaped my understanding about PD and aimed my personal action plans and involvements.

The philosophical underpinning of the site is that PWP must own their disease, take action in their best interests, build a support team to help at every stage of the disease and constantly educate themselves, not rely on others to do it for them. I will harp on the importance of exercise for well being and the gigantic holes in care we have in a medical system that focuses on curative actions not comfort care for persons in the later stages of this progressive and confounding disease.

I rely on readers to bring activities to my attention, point out articles I missed and correct my inevitable errors of omission and commission.

We make this journey together.


1 thought on “About this site”

  1. Michael Kinsley is an absolute joy. He has a very rare ability to write with humor about scary things and get away with it successfully. I have a LOT to say, from my first hand experience with non-motors and cognitives, in response to his article. I have no idea when I might finish it. Best wishes, Paul


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