Tampa Bay Tidbits (Mostly)

Tampa Bay Tidbits (Mostly)

Where did the title of my blog, Shuffling Editor, come from? When I am not careful, I tend to drag my feet. I kick up scatter rugs often. Thus, shuffling.

My retired minister Jim Harnish asked how he could be notified when I post a new blog. Answer is that at the bottom of each post and page is a button that says follow. Press that and you will receive email notification of a new post.

Tampa General Hospital has useful, free seminars for people new to Parkinsonism. The next is Sept 23. Information follows:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 1:00 PM Check-in / 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Program

Parkinson’s Disease 101

This interactive class about Parkinson’s disease will include information on current treatments, medicinal therapies and available resources. Register at 1-800-822-3627 or online at www.tgh.org/health-ed

I talked in my first post about the difficulty for new patients to get reliable information. Here is a list of national organizations I rely on:

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF)

1359 Broadway

Suite 1509

New York, NY   10018



Tel: 212-923-4700 800-457-6676

Fax: 212-923-4778

Davis Phinney Foundation

1722 14th Street, Suite 150

Boulder, CO   80302



Tel: 866-358-0285 303-733-3340

Fax: 303-733-3350


National Parkinson Foundation

201 SE 1st Street

Suite 800

Miami, FL   33137



Tel: 800-473-4636

Fax: 305-243-5595

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

Grand Central Station

P.O. Box 4777

New York, NY   10163


Tel: 212-509-0995

Books I recommend are these:

Hall, Kirk, Window of Opportunity: Living with the reality of Parkinson’s and the threat of dementia, Chapter 13: Palliative Care and Neurology: Striving for Justice, North Slope Publishing, 2014

Graboys, Thomas. Life in the Balance: Union Square, 2008




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