Beer, fatigue and assorted short takes

I have burdened readers with long posts recently. As penance, I offer several short takes from my save file. Enjoy.

Partners in Parkinson’s has a neat quiz with great information nuggets. More than half of PWP say they are uninformed about the progression of the disease and treatment of both muscular and non-muscular symptoms. Scary but more evidence of the need for an organized, holistic system of PD care.


My friend and fellow Parkie Jerry Iwerk, a beer lover, absolutely loved this article touting the “therapeutic” benefits of beer on PD. Consume at your risk.


Fatigue is a common complaint with PD. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation has made it a research priority. They offered this interim report.


Depression is a fellow traveler with fatigue in PD. The National Parkinson Foundation issued this report on depression:

My friend Kirk Hall recommends an article on end of life discussions at http://journals.lww.com/neurologynow/Fulltext/2015/11040/Can_We_Talk___People_who_discuss_their_end_of_life.22.aspx. says Kirk; “Covers important topics like the importance of doing this, the importance of starting early, honoring the wishes of the patient, getting reluctant parents to talk, the role of doctors, explanation of terms and more! Very, very good!”


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