Benzi’s Distilled Wisdom and a Rock Steady Reminder

An unforeseen benefit of my national PD work has been the extraordinary people I have met. The Denver group of groundbreaking clinicians, researchers and visionaries are atop that list.

I think of my friend, collaborator and fellow activist Kirk Hall, who is cutting new ground in reimagining Palliative care through Parkie patient eyes.

Diane Cook’s painstaking mission to develop self efficacy training for newly diagnosed PWP is a marvel. Her wordsmithing expands the PD vocabulary. (“Helping can be unhelpful,” for one. “Realistic optimism,” for a second.)

Then there is Dr. Benzi Kluger, a clinical and research MDS at the University of Colorado whose teaching and communication skills are off the charts.

I just finished viewing Benzi’s riveting webinar on PD’s non motor manifestations. I have seen, read and experienced similar presentations.  This is far and away the best. Take 30 minutes and be mesmerized as I was. (A shoutout to John Dean of the Davis Phinney Foundation for calling this to my attention. He’s another Denver-area PD activist, wouldn’t you know it.)

Also a REMINDER  to contact Jordan Whittemore for enrollment information about the new Tampa Rock Steady Boxing program. Her number is 727-276-8431.

From Jordan: “Each participant is required to do an initial assessment. We will be starting the program and assessments ‪June 1st. Classes will be Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays ‪at 1:30pm. Classes & assessments will be held at the Performance Compound located at ‪5850 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607


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