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Valuable New Exercise Routines

I am spending time at New Smyrna Beach this month. The vacation break, while soothing, is taking away my exercise routines at Rock Steady Boxing and interval cycling.

I received an email a few days ago that has very nicely filled my PD exercise void. It’s from Jim Stoll, a man I don’t know except through email correspondence. It lays out an exercise program related to the “Big Program” I took at Florida Hospital-Tampa shortly after I was diagnosed in 2014. It’s named PWR! (Details to come.)

First, about Jim Stoll. He describes himself as a 69-year-old man with advanced PD. He continues: “I was diagnosed … in 1970 after a carbon monoxide poisoning incident. Things did not get real bad till 2014, 44 years later. Now my body just quits listening to my signals. I also have sacroiliitis which makes walking of more the a few hundred feet quite painful.

“I had MoveBig therapy once about a year ago, and it helped some. Then I learned about Parkinson’s Wellness recovery PWR!, which, from what I understand, is MoveBig version 2.

“I am very excited about PWR! It implements research-based neuroplasticity-principled programming in rehab and fitness settings

“PWR! is centered around four moves –up, rock, twist and step –and is done in five positions prone (lying face down), supine (lying face up), sitting, standing and all fours.

“I have been doing the PWR! moves in the supine position for about a month. Both my wife and I have noticed a definite improvement in my ability to walk.”

Jim provides YouTube URLs that demonstrate the moves. Some of them are part of of the Rock Steady floor routines I know very well.

RESULTS BASED: PWR! Training – Unfreezing for an individual with Parkinson disease with severe freezing:
PWR! Moves Positions – Standing
PWR! Moves Positions – Sitting
PWR! Moves Positions – All 4’s
PWR! Moves Positions – Supine
PWR! Moves Positions – Prone
PWR Moves! Let’s Get Moving! (group exercise session)

Introductory Breath Flow for Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!)
PWR! Gym Social Week 1 – Em-PWR!-ment
PWR! Gym Social Week 2 – PWR! Nutrition
PWR! Gym Social Week 3 – PWR! Teamwork
PWR! Gym Social Week 4 – Optimizing Your Meds with PWR!
PWR! Gym Social Week 5 – PD Specific Exercise
PWR! Gym Social Week 6 – Big, Fast, PWR!-ful
PWR! Gym Social Week 7 – HOW to Exercise with PWR!
PWR! Gym Social Week 8 – PWR!Moves Intro
PWR! Gym Social Week 9 – PWR! Up with Emily
PWR! Gym Social Week 10 – PWR! Rock with Jennifer
PWR! Gym Social Week 11 – PWR! Twist with Emily
PWR! Gym Social Week 12 – PWR! & Brian Grant Foundation’ Power Through Project’ Trailer
PWR! Gym Social Week 13 – PWR!Step with Jennifer


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