Sully’s Leadership Lesson


Few people have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership in such a dramatic way or to such a wide audience as Chesley Sullenberger, “Sully”.

Of course, not anyone happens to be piloting a US Airways jet that loses its two engines after hitting a flock of birds. And seven years later shoots to international recognition by way of an extraordinary movie directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks as Sully.

My not-so-retired minister, Jim Harnish, refers to Sullenberger’s crisis management performance as “level 5 leadership,” meaning abdication of self in total service of others, in his recent blog post concerning the movie [read it by clicking on this link]. This type of leadership is the ultimate goal for seekers like me. 

In case you were wondering, I was a total mess watching SullyI cried/laughed/cried again from opening credits to end credits. I was so PD “emotionally incontinent” that I bolted from my fifth-row seat to last row. My intent was to not disturb movie goers who did have their emotional act together. Struby, my wife, took my flight from her side with her usual grace and equanimity.

To circle this back to PD SELF, let me recall Albert Bandera’s motto: “May the Self-Efficacy Force continue to be with you” this day and those to come.

But wait, before you sign off, an ad in service of the PD community:


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