Parkinson's Disease

Bringing The Wily Old Editor To Heel: Taming Hotspur

I retired from (and was retired from) most aspects of organizational life Saturday.  That took adamant superiors 53 years to accomplish.

I was replaced (fired) as co-facilitator of a dynamite, leadership development program for Parkies named PD SELF. Simultaneously, I resigned my other duties with the Parkinson’s Foundation. The parting was far more amiable than these ruptures tend to be.

All cards on the table face up…..……     

I can be a Hotspur to manage, especially when it comes to things really, really dear to me.

Just ask my former newspaper bosses: Rich Oppel, Mark Ethridge, Mike Pate, Frank McComas, Bill Baker, Clark Hoyt, etc., etc.

I will continue my wonderful association with fine Florida newspaper editors, tend my blog, work for my church and contemplate a book. Its tentative title is “Taming Hotspur Subordinates.”



5 thoughts on “Bringing The Wily Old Editor To Heel: Taming Hotspur”

  1. It’s hard to read between the lines Gil from announcement.. wondering how you are faring?? Seems like this is probably a blow and loss…praying for His peace to see you through💕💕Dolly


  2. We are sorry to hear you were replaced. You have done a marvelous job. They say when one door closes another opens. I know it will for you. I hope we still see you around here and there. It all started when we read your fine article in the Tampa Tribune last year about the time John was diagnosed. Thanks for all you and Struby have done to make this crazy disease almost bearable.

    Rosalie and John

    Have laughter in your voice and a song in your heart!. Sent from my iPad



  3. Gil,
    say it ain’t so! Your blog has literally been a lifeline to me. I grabbed onto your blog when I first moved down to Florida from Virginia. Did not know of the local PD programs, it was the tit of hope for a more normal life with PD and I suckled on it often.
    This is a sad day for Parkies.


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