I am a privileged Parkinson’s person.

Resources permit to have an able health care team, headed by a superb Parkinson’s specialist (MDS). On it are my family doc, my urologist, GI specialist, PT, and psychotherapist. They keep me upright, moving and relatively pain free.

I am blessed.

Only 10 percent of Parkies ever see an MDS. Another forty percent are treated by a neurologist. The remaining 60 percent see a family doctor or receive no treatment for this monstrous condition. They are denied access to the latest, improved medications.

How much more broken can Parkinson’s treatment become? Just wait for the projected doubling of PD cases in the coming two decades as the supply of MDS specialist shrinks.

Disaster is us

Buckle up, suit up and demand proper treatment. Make some “good trouble” for yourself and fellow Parkinson’s patients.

Do it. Now.



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