Okun&Companies Hit Two Homers With Parkinson’s Books

For Dr. Michael S. Okun, author as well as leading neurologist, this has been a smashing year. His name is on two books, each of which set new standards for excellence in Parkinson’s disease treatment and advocacy.

He and three other renowned Parkinson’s experts opened March with the acclaimed call to action, Ending Parkinson’s Disease. The second book, also acclaimed, came in August: Living with Parkinson’s Disease. 

“Ending” is a powerful indictment of how medical care systems worldwide have given short shrift to Parkinson’s and its 8 million sufferers. The book authoritatively writes the history of this fast-growing condition that will afflict 1 in 15 persons living today.

It zeroes in on the urgent need to limit exposure to the industrial chemicals—pesticides in particular—that are strongly linked to its cause. “Ending” calls for bold action to prevent, advocate for, care for and treat this bedeviling brain disease. In addition to Okun, the authors are Ray Dorsey, Todd Sherer and Bastiaan Bloem.

The four are willing into existence an international cadre of people determined to realize the four-part action plan.  Its name is PD Avengers. (pdavengers.com) I am one.

Okun‘s newest book “Living” is written with Parkinson’s experts Irene A. Malaty MD and Wissam Deeb MD.

The authors promise a “complete guide” to the infinitive mysteries of Parkinson’s disease for sufferers and care partners. They deliver in Living with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Living” is approachable, well organized, authoritative and invaluable. It’s reader friendly with pull out summaries, helpful margin notes, case examples, “clinical pearls for a better life” and a “concluding note” at chapter ends.

A just-diagnosed sufferer can get the guidance needed in starting their fraught journey. Each chapter deepens to meet the more detailed needs of midcourse sufferers and beyond. 

“Living” belongs in the hands of all persons affected by PD. It is the indispensable guide to living as best possible with this inscrutable condition.


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