My Swallowing Misadventures

I’ve developed a swallowing problem over the past year. It’s a big deal.

I trace some of my 40-pound weight loss to diminished appetite tied to how slowly I now eat. Increased drooling has not been fun either.

Worst case, swallowing disability can result in aspiration pneumonia, one of the two leading causes of death for Parkinson’s sufferers. (The other is falls secondary to balance and equilibrium deficits.)

I have added an ace speech therapist to my health care team. Her grocery list of mouth exercises has significantly improved my symptoms

Dr. Michael Okun has a blog post this week that explores in exquisite detail the spectrum of swallowing problems.

Find it at http://parkinsonsecrets.com/blog/2020/9/26/7qedam0quxrto7qrafbg4i2d70g51x


2 thoughts on “My Swallowing Misadventures”

  1. Gil,Thanks for your emails. I am experiencing the progression of PD and this info is very helpful. I miss seeing you at Rotary. We have a Zoom meeting every week. For the past few months we have also gone back to in person meetings. If you ever want to join in on a meeting let me know and I’ll have the Zoom link sent to you.Best regards,Doug


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