Seize The Day

I cherish good writing, especially about life’s great mysteries, such as finding hope while facing a monstrous disease.
We Parkies know hope is essential to muster arms each day against the Parkinson’s Beast living in our mental attic.
Kate Bowler is a thirty-something, divinity professor at Duke. She has stage-four colon cancer.
Married with a small child, she lives each day as if it were her last.
She seizes the day.
Bowler shared in a recent New York Times piece the conversation she had with a Duke colleague about hope and happiness.
“Would you agree that true happiness is to enjoy the present without anxious dependence on the future?” he asked Bowler.
Jesus Christ talking? Nope.
“That was Lucius Seneca, the ancient philosopher of Stoicism,” her friend said. “Look, it takes great courage to live as if each day counts. That was a fundamental insight of Stoicism.”
I, too, am the seize-the-day type. Never knew that came from Stoicism. I do now.
Please take a few minutes to read Bowler. She is a splendid writer who makes every word count and every paragraph graceful.
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1 thought on “Seize The Day”

  1. Superb, Gil, as I knew it would be when I saw your endorsement.

    Rock steady!

    And Happy new year wishes to Struby, who labors in semi-obscurity…




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