Our Book Is Out!

Counterpunch: Duking It Out With Parkinson’s by Gil Thelen with C. Struby Thelen

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All proceeds from the book go to the Me-Over-PD Foundation.


A Hall of Fame Newspaper editor describes his turbulent journey of discovery with Parkinson’s. Gil Thelen confronts this malady with infinite faces and—using keen reporting and engaging prose—offers inspirational and practical ways to foil the beastly tenant in his brain. Armed with Cornell medical training, a background of health and medical writing, and activism in national and local Parkinson’s communities, Gil tackles his condition head-on. In two chapters, his wife Struby courageously reveals the devastating impact Parkinson’s and its drugs have had on their marriage.

From both Parkie and care partner perspectives, Gil and Struby bare PD stumbling blocks and share workarounds to counterpunch this condition by taking aggressive action to stay upright, moving, productive, and to NOT be a victim. The perfect read for the newly diagnosed, looking for insights into Parkinson’s, as well as anyone looking for guidance, either personally or professionally to help others, in fighting back against this baffling condition. An outstanding collection of recommended resources and suggestions for Parkies to get informed, get organized and get MOVING.

All proceeds from the book go to the Me-Over-PD 501(c)(3) Foundation, dedicated to creating live, local databases of crucial Parkinson’s resources in communities across the United States.



2 thoughts on “Our Book Is Out!”

  1. Congratulations, you guys! I am so proud of you for sharing your battle. I will certainly get a copy and cherish it.

    Love, Sue

    On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 5:51 PM shufflingeditor.com wrote:

    > gthelen posted: “Counterpunch: Duking It Out With Parkinson’s by Gil > Thelen with C. Struby Thelen ” >


  2. Hi Gil. I just finished reading about your book in Rock Steady’s In Your Corner magazine. I was intrigued by your mention of a live database of resources. We have just done a similar thing here in Orange County. We are an area rich with PD resources but many PWP don’t know about them or certainly aren’t told about them at time of diagnosis. That lead us to develop pdbuzz.com. It is hopefully a one stop shop of local resources. We made up business cards for the neurologists to hand out to patients. The doctors have told us that they just don’t have time to learn about and direct their patients to everything available. We only launched a couple of months ago but so far we are getting a great response. Best of luck to you. Keep up the good work and keep fighting!!!


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