“Counterpunch” book launched

The book Struby and I have worked on for over two years is out. Its name is “Counterpunch: Duking It Out With Parkinson’s.” (Cute, huh?)
It chronicles our journey with The Beast in my brain and its profound impact on both of us. (I am doing fine, BTW.)
Struby memorably opens the first of her two chapters this way:
“If you had behaved like this when I met you, I never would have married you.”
Dave Lawrence, retired publisher of The Miami Herald has read the book. He floored Struby and me with this message:
“I love your book for many reasons, among them:
“– The honesty of the story you tell so well. There is no pussyfooting. It is straightforward and then some — and loving, too. You make it all so ‘real.’
“– It will be a great practical and genuine “gift” for so many families.
“I am proud to know you both. The book deserves to be read. “
It’s been an emotional 10 days since the print copies of “Counterpunch” landed on our porch.


1 thought on ““Counterpunch” book launched”

  1. Gil,I ordered a copy from Bookshop@bookbaby.com on January 24th. Should be here soon. Also, don’t know if you heard but Shelton Wood passed away on January 27th from heart issues. Funeral in Palatka Thursday and memorial service in Spring Hill February 5th at 3PM Fellowship Community Church.Doug


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