MOPD Progress Report

My and my wife’s “Counterpunch” book was published in January by Book Baby. The reviews are quite strong and sales are increasing by the week. I share the letter to donors to my Me Over Parkinson’s Foundation. It contains a synopsis of our wok in Tampa, Macon and soon Detroit.

XX February 2019

Dear xxxxx

The work of the Me Over PD (MOPD) Foundation is gaining significant momentum and positive national attention.

My and my wife Struby’s book, “Counterpunch: Duking It Out With Parkinson’s,” was published in January to positive reviews. Most notably, acclaimed Parkinson’s expert Dr. Michael Okun calls “Counterpunch” an “astonishing achievement.”

The Mercer Medical School is interested in placing the book in the offices of 360 frontline physicians in their Georgia network, a potentially huge outreach to thousands of sufferers. All proceeds from book sales go to our foundation for its work.

Our groundbreaking research in Tampa (University of South Florida) to create an easily accessible, curated database of local support services for Parkinson’s sufferers is in final field testing. Patient advocates in other regions have asked to use our finished model to bolster their work.

In Macon, GA, our home, MOPD has trained more than 50 patients and care partners in the complexities of PD and action steps to “Live Well With Parkinson’s.”

Our pioneering, ground-level work is especially important with the projected flood of new PD cases – just as the number of top-shelf PD experts is declining precipitously. PD experts are warning this mismatch of demand and supply a “Perfect Storm” and a “Pandemic” in the making.

In Middle Georgia, comprising more than 20 counties, there is no practicing, top-level  PD expert (Mobility Disease Specialist). The story is similar in other states.

My foundation needs your help to grow and help many more PD sufferers. We plan to be operational in a third area, Detroit, by mid-year.

Your support has been essential in our success, which creates the need for additional resources to bring our work to full flower.

My “ask” is a $xxx tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)3 foundation, whose address is below. I will call you to explain our unmatched, in-the-trenches work with Parkinson’s people.

I am deeply grateful for your friendship and support.

My best wishes always,


Me Over PD Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization

4972 Hubner Circle, Sarasota, FL 34241


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